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Member Benefits

This program is a 12-month immersion for retail industry leaders to reinvent your industry knowledge, maximise personal and business capability, and improve your decision-making ability in the face of numerous and unprecedented market disruptive forces.

Fight Back & Win® is member based and streamed into a Gold or Platinum membership status. The program builds skills and capability over time with an exclusive community of industry leaders, blending coaching, mentoring, peer-based, experiential and digital learning.

The benefits we offer include:

One-On-One Learning
Six Full-Day Masterclasses
Six educational webinars with leading retail industry experts
Access to a 30-Day Fast Track Your Success Course
Personal Action Planning Session
Accountability and commitment calls


Our live events are an important and transformative component of our program. The opportunity to get together in like-minded groups, with a single-minded focus is very powerful.

Something sparks when you attend these events, pathways of growth, learning and development that you never imagined suddenly begin to form before you.

But it’s not just all about our live Masterclasses, far from it. They are important, but they are just one component of our extensive suite of program benefits.

Our online Masterclassess will feature some of Australia’s leading retail experts with international experts also featuring. This will provide you with rock solid content on topical and important business concepts.

You’ll also participate in our extensive onboarding programs, including an initial rapid start strategy session, a 30 day retail success fast track course and a half day 1-on-1 Fight Back & Win® diagnostic and action planning tool. These programs and engagements are designed to maximise value and impact, for you and your business.

As a member of our Fight Back & Win® program you’ll have access to vast coaching and accountability resources. These include group accountability sessions as well as more personal 1-on-1 laser coaching and mentoring sessions with David Ginsberg.

In addition you will have exclusive access to our members only website, featuring a calendar of events, downloadable documents, key links, templates, short courses and your library of world class business book print and audio summaries.

And of course if you choose to join as a Platinum member, extra privileges include retail immersion and discovery tours, personal access to Bizversity, our Netflix of the business world educational tool, access to our extensive library of business systems and process tools and unlimited access to David Ginsberg.

Membership has enormous benefits to your organisation and importantly to your own personal development. This program will have an amazing spillover effect in other parts of your life.

If you are looking to transform your business, transform your career, and seeking retail industry education in a unique, informed, engaging manner that is tailored to your busy schedule and business needs, then Retail Growth – Fight Back & Win® is for you!

Retail Masterclasses
Introductory ‘Rapid Start’ 2-Hour Strategy Session

Within your first week of becoming a member, you will receive a 2 hour ‘Rapid Start’ Strategy Session. The purpose of this important foundational session is for David Ginsberg to provide program detail, introduce the ‘7 Fight Back & Win Principles’ get to know you and begin to discover your specific goals and ambitions for participating in the program. Also, during this session David will help you decide on your initial 3-5 most important next steps, this way you get the clarity and focus you need to support growth and Fight Back & Win®, fast.

30-Day 'Fast-Track Your Retail Success' Course

After your ‘Rapid Start’ Strategy Session, we want to ensure you get the foundational knowledge you need to succeed. That’s why David Ginsberg has created for you a 30-Day ‘Fast-Track’ Course. This video based course supported by our ‘Fast Track’ Workbook covers all of the detail you need to know to get the most out of this program. It also includes showing you how to set up various accounts and how to use the key tools that we will utilise and get you results.

Half Day 1-on-1 ‘Fight Back & Win Diagnostic & Action Planning Program’

David Ginsberg has worked with literally hundreds of retail businesses, large and small, coaching and leading them to Fight Back & Win® in highly competitive and dynamic markets. Over the years from these experiences David has developed a diagnostic tool that will help to fast track your business focus and results. Some of this will be covered in the video content mentioned above in the ‘30-Day Fast Track Course’. The real magic occurs with you working with David 1-on-1 as he works through the diagnostic either in person or online during this 3-4-hour process. At the conclusion, you will be provided with a report and diagnostic that captures the key inputs and subsequent actions that will support a winning outcome.

6 x Live Full Day Retail Masterclasses with David Ginsberg

Every second month, you’ll get exclusive access to a full day Masterclass facilitated and presented live by David Ginsberg. Over the course of the year David will share strategy, insights, purpose built proprietary tools and his extensive experience. This unique step by step program has been designed to transform and inspire your understanding and approach to creating Retail Growth in today’s highly competitive, dynamic and disrupted retail environment. In addition, there will be several opportunities for dedicated ‘hot seat’ sessions and ‘rapid diagnostics’ to give you and your business more specific and in-person coaching and support.

6 x Online Masterclasses with Leading Retail Industry Experts

Rotating every second month, you’ll get exclusive access to an additional Masterclass, this one will be conveniently presented online. It will be hosted by David Ginsberg who will introduce a bi-monthly Special Industry Expert Guest who will support your Retail Growth knowledge and ambitions. During this Masterclass, not only will you get rock-solid content on important business topics, but you’ll have the chance to ask your specific questions. And, in case you’re wondering, all Online Masterclasses will be recorded in case you need to refer back to the information at anytime.

12 x Personal ‘Retail Ready’ Accountability Sessions

David Ginsberg via the Retail Growth – Fight Back & Win® program is committed to helping you take action and get results by being Retail Ready. That’s why every month you will be invited to participate in our Personal Accountability Sessions. Facilitated by David, during these virtual meetings via Zoom, you’ll be held to account on your progress and have the opportunity to update your program peers on the actions and results you have achieved since the last session and also make your personal commitment for your next steps.

4 x for Gold Members, 6 x for Platinum Members Laser Coaching Calls with David Ginsberg

The Retail Industry is dynamic and throughout the program, there will likely be times when you get stuck or when you need some advice on an important decision. When this happens, we want to ensure you have the help and support you need. Therefore, you are going to receive either 4 or 6 Laser Coaching Call vouchers (depending on Membership level). To redeem these vouchers all you need to do is send an email to David and he will schedule a time as soon as is practicable but not longer than 48 hours for you to talk directly with him. In 20-30 minutes, David will be able to assist in resolving your issue and get you back on the path to success.

6 x for Gold Members, 12 x for Platinum Members 1-on-1 Personal Mentoring Sessions

Want direct 1-on-1 access to David Ginsberg, then this mentoring option is most definitely for you. Once a month (Platinum Members), and bi-monthly (Gold Members) you will have a scheduled 30-minute 1-on-1 coaching session with David. During this time, you will be guided through your next most important steps and constructively challenged to address and solve your biggest business challenges on the journey to optimal Retail Growth.

Exclusive Access to Our Members-Only Website

Also within your first week of becoming a member, you’ll get access to our members-only membership website. Once inside you’ll find; a calendar of events, webinar registration links, downloadable documents and templates, additional short courses, our useful contacts page and much more. Plus, every time we add new resources, this is exactly where you’ll find them.

50 x World-Class Print & Audio Book Summaries

Are you time poor? Running between meetings? No or little time to further educate yourself from some of the greatest business minds on the planet? If so, you are going to love this. We’ve summarised 50 of the best business books of all time into just 8 pages or 25 minutes of listening time. As yet another program asset, we are going to send you 1 x (Gold Members) 2 x (Platinum Members) book summaries via PDF each and every month. Plus, as a Platinum Member included in your access to Bizversity, you can now listen to these book summaries anywhere, anytime.

2 x Retail Immersion and Discovery Tours

Hosted by David Ginsberg our Platinum Members will have the opportunity to attend these retail discovery tours during the year. These full day tours will allow you to get behind the scenes and learn from some of Australia’s leading and most successful retail industry organisations.

Unlimited Support via Phone or Voxer/WhatsApp

As we know, the retail industry is dynamic and things are constantly changing. So as a Platinum Member, anytime you have a question, you are welcome to phone or send David a text or audio message via Voxer/WhatsApp. David will then pick up on your message and respond with urgency as soon as is practicable.

Personal and Unlimited Email Access to David

Further to phone and messaging apps, sometimes you are going to need to send or forward an email to David Ginsberg. Again, as a Platinum member, you are welcome to do so anytime you like. This way you’ll never have to wait too long for support from David, instead, you’ll be able to get the help and support you need, when you need it most.

Personal Access to Bizversity

In addition to our membership website, our Platinum Members will also receive personal access to Bizversity. This world class Netflix of the business world will give you access to more than 1,500 TV-quality business education videos. Developed by over 500 business experts and covering more than 80 business topics, this is an invaluable resource for ambitious retail industry executives to reinforce and broaden your own business acumen, develop your team and generate new ideas for growth and to Fight Back & Win®. Content will be available to you on your phone, tablet, PC and even your big screen TV.

Over 400 x Done-For-Your Business Systems

If that wasn’t enough, every month, Platinum members will receive no less than 20 Done-For-You Business Systems. These will come in the form of PDF Flowcharts that you can take and implement directly into your business or department. These Flowcharts have been developed at a cost of over AUD$100,000 and now all these incredible systems are yours. We are adding new Business systems all the time.


Your membership includes:

Member Benefits
Gold Membership
Platinum Membership
This Already More Than Covers Your Investment as a Gold or Platinum Member However, to Further Support Your Knowledge and Capability to Fight Back & Win® You’ll Also Receive These Bonuses…
Platinum Members Receive Everything In Gold Membership, The Additional Platinum Bonuses Noted Above, Plus All Of The Following Additional Benefits

Ready to take the next steps? Press ‘Apply Now’ below and you will be able to express your interest in the Retail Growth – Fight Back & Win® program.