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While there are a number of coaching and mentoring providers out there, Retail Growth Concepts and our Fight Back & Win® program is unique for a number of reasons.

Our program is structured to ensure you get the most value out of everything we have to offer, and to generate measurable results for your brand, no matter how big or small.

Here’s what’s different about Retail Growth – Fight Back & Win®:

1. Discover the Latest Strategies

Retail Growth program It’s increasingly apparent that the old ways of retailing are failing to deliver the results they once did.

Operating costs outpacing sales growth, aggressive online and international competition, technology rapidly redefining business models, consumers not knowing a world without digital, an oversupply of product choice and the shortening of product life cycles and the Coronavirus pandemic have combined to totally transform the retail business landscape.

The organisations that are winning in retail today understand these disruptive forces and have adapted their business models to re-write the book on successful retailing. It’s these tools and strategies that you’ll gain insider insights about as a member of the Retail Growth – Fight Back & Win® program.

By learning how others in the retail industry locally and across the planet have adapted and transformed their business with sustainable sales and profit growth, you will discover their secrets and how to apply them to your business and Fight Back & Win®

Consider for a moment the comparative example of discount grocery chains Franklin’s and Aldi. Once upon a time Franklin’s was a very successful business, with close to 300 discount supermarkets across Australia. It used a traditional approach to buying, merchandising, store operations, supply chain and it’s No Frills product offer and branding. Attempting to be everything to everybody, it eventually could not compete with the Coles and Woolworths supermarket chains.

With a similar discount grocery business model, Aldi saw the opportunity in the same market with the same competition to build their business very differently. With a razor-sharp understanding of their customer, a narrow offer of quality products, Aldi’s low cost operating model was developed and refined with learnings from 10,000 stores trading in 20 countries. The business created a passionate culture and delivered growth by adhering to its tried and tested systems and process.

Today, Franklin’s is a retail relic of the past, while Aldi is thriving with a growing network of over 500 stores across Australia and continues to grow its market share.

Don’t let your business become a retail relic by putting on your corporate blinkers. Fight Back & Win® by adopting the tools and strategies communicated in this program.

Get a competitive advantage and secure your future success in doing so.

2. Know What to do With Our Step by Step Approach

Retail Growth program Have you ever sat in a meeting or attended a business seminar where you receive lots of big picture, high level information? The problem is that when you leave, you have no idea how to actually implement what you’ve learned.

The Retail Growth – Fight Back & Win® program is completely different to these big picture seminars. Each event is jam-packed—not just with the aerial view of where you can head—but also with tons of ‘how to’ tools and information. This means you know exactly what to do to create real and enduring improvements in your business. In short, our approach is one of learn, show, do.

As a member, you’ll learn about the concept, we’ll show you live examples of it in action, and then give you time to implement it in your own business.

Retail Growth – Fight Back & Win® is full of the detail you’ll need to transform your business.

Your membership includes access to a host of practical videos, webinars, audio recordings, templates, checklists and more – so it is very simple for you or someone on your team to get new ideas or processes up and running in your business.

No retail coach or mentoring program goes as far as Retail Growth – Fight Back & Win® in giving you access to such an extensive library of easy-to-follow resources.

Many participants have stated that our resources are the most comprehensive they have seen as part of any retail business building and coaching program. These resources continue to grow and as a member you will have immediate access to all new content.

3. Maintain the Momentum Through Exceptional Support

Retail Growth program Another significant difference with Retail Growth – Fight Back & Win® is that we understand the pace the industry moves at, that decisions are often made minute by minute and you need to be nimble, often with very limited time and an overbooked schedule.

Our Fight Back & Win® program is designed with your time constraints in mind. Using technology and a carefully planned program of 1 on 1 and virtual activities throughout the 12 month program you will find the content delivery flexible and relevant. In addition as a member of Retail Growth – Fight Back & Win® you always have access to a real person, highly experienced in the industry to help you with your questions and business transformation.

This compares very favourably to other business growth events that are big on the hoopla on the day, but are often ‘missing in action’ if you have a question after the event.

With Retail Growth – Fight Back & Win®, immediate support is just an email or phone call away.

Our belief is that there are no bad questions, we actively encourage our members to ask questions to clarify everything.

“I think that probably the most important thing about our education was that it taught us to question even those things we thought we knew.” – Thabo Mbeki

We know that our members’ success stories are our success stories too.

That’s why we’re 100% committed to helping you and your business achieve every possible chance of success.

4. Make Real Change Supported by Inbuilt Accountability

Retail Growth program At the end of each of the 6 masterclass days you’ll attend, you’ll leave with a 60-day action plan that breaks down what you’ve learned into clear, doable steps. To support further accountability, each month you’ll attend via Zoom a retail ready accountability session, this will ensure a focus on consistent delivery of your action plan goals.

In addition, you’re paired with an Accountability Partner, with whom you’re encouraged to make contact with, on at least a weekly basis. Your job is to empower each other and to make sure you each stay on track.

It’s worth noting the findings of Robert Cialdini, a US psychologist and author who is highly regarded for his theories on influence and persuasion. He argues that each of us has a strong desire to be consistent. His research shows that when you outwardly commit to a goal or action, you are much more likely to complete it.

We find that members of Retail Growth – Fight Back & Win® are extremely productive in the 60 days that follow each live masterclass event. There is a powerful force at play when you know what you need to do, and are publicly committed to achieving it.

The Retail Growth – Fight Back & Win® program is designed for action – not just talk.
By being accountable, you’ll ensure you finish the 12-month program having implemented many ground-breaking improvements for your personal development and your business.